WP Engine offers managed WordPress hosting for sites worldwide with excellent support and enterprise-class hosting optimized for WordPress.
Is WP Engine the best choice for you?
This WP Engine review aims to find out the answer to that question.

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WP Engine Review Summary

  • Rating: A+
  • Price: From $30 per month
  • Hosting Type: Managed WordPress & WooCommerce-Hosting
  • Speed ​​& Performance: Dual Apache und Nginx, HTTP/2, Varnish & Memcached Server, Browser-Caching
  • WordPress: WordPress installation is automatic. Automatic WordPress core updates.
  • Server: Google Cloud Platform Computing Optimized Virtual Machines (VM) (C2)
  • Security: Free SSL encryption. Enterprise-class WordPress security (DDoS detection, hardware firewalls + more)
  • Control panel: WP Engine Portal
  • Extras: Free access to Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes. Daily and on-demand backups. Free migration service.
  • Refund Policy: 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Owner: Privately Held (Austin, TX)
  • Current offer: WP Engine – 3 months free on an annual plan

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When you start to build your WordPress website, you must find ways to save time, increase site security, and ensure your WordPress users have the best possible experience navigating your site.

These reasons are why so many WordPress website owners love WP Engine, specifically WP Engine’s renowned speed technologies.

WP Engine became the first WordPress host to manage to adopt Google Cloud Platforms’ latest infrastructure, the Computer Optimized Virtual Machines (VM) (C2).

WP Engine offers performance that they claim is 40% faster, on top of the software optimizations that have resulted in a platform-wide performance improvement of 15%.

When I was looking for a WordPress hosting provider, my research primarily focused on the performance and uptime of their service.
With that information in mind, here is what you can expect from WPEngine:
Excellent page speed scores (78/100) mean they load pages faster than 78% percent of all other hosts!

Plus, it’s super easy to use, too, so even if your site isn’t designed yet or needs some updates – no worries because this host will be ready when YOU are.

WP Engine Review hosting plans

WP engine offers four main plans with different features.

The startup plan allows you to have up to 25 000 visits per month.

Wp engine startup plan

The professional plan allows you to have up to 75 000 visits per month.

Wp engine profesional plan

The growth plan allows you to have up to 100 000 visits per month.

Wp engine growth plan

The scale plan allows you to have up to 400 000 visits per month.

wp engine scale plan

Storage space and web launching options exist for each type, so there’s no need to worry about running out of room.
WP Engine can tailor custom-made packages towards whatever specific needs one may want across multiple sites.
It’ll optimize them automatically if necessary based on specific criteria like traffic levels or bounce rate.

How to choose a WP Engine hosting plan?

The startup plan is probably enough if you’re a beginner starting.

Maybe you are an agency or have been doing this for a while.
In that case, you may want the growth or the scale plan as it allows many more websites, and the second thing you have to consider is how much traffic you have right now.

Suppose you’re transferring or migrating over from another host and already have lots of traffic.

In that case, you probably need to consider the growth or the scale plan.

growth and scale plan

They have 100 000 visits per month and 400 000 visits per month.

Wp engine also has two pricing options for you to choose from 

  1. Annually 

      2. Monthly

I always recommend purchasing the more extended plan, which is annual, to save money along the way.
WP Engine is excellent as it has a 60-day money-back guarantee, much more than the standard 30-day many hosting providers have.

They also provide most standard and must-have features like automated backups and auto migration.

wp engine migration
Be aware that this auto migration is not the hand-holding one-on-one migration done by their support staff.
Another great feature of the wp engine is a free content delivery network, an alternative to Cloudflare.

I should mention that the wp engine does not provide a domain name service, so you cannot purchase your domain name on the wp engine.

wp engine

Where to get a domain name?

So what I recommend you do and always do myself is to purchase your domain name from bluehost.com as they have one of the best prices.

bluehost domain name
You can see that you can purchase it at $12.99 per year and get the free domain name privacy, an essential feature.

WP Engine tutorial

For the overall pricing score, I would give wp engine a nine out of ten.

pricing wp engine

WP Engine provides you with most of the expected features of a managed WordPress hosting provider.
They have their CDN, and the automatic daily backup is free.

cdn and daily backup

WP engine offers free hosting options that can be a great deal for those who are just starting. They also use their servers and provide server-side caching, which is supposed to make your site load faster than any plugin installed on WordPress!

Once when you log in, it is easy to navigate.

wp engine control panel

If you want to migrate your website to WP Engine, click the get started button and follow the directions, it is easy, like 1,2,3.

If there is a problem, their team will personally take care of your website transfer for you.

The design of their home page makes it easy to navigate with the custom user interface.

It looks a lot cleaner than other hosting providers’ cPanel platforms.

Even though many features on this site make navigation quick and straightforward (including a unique customer support system), some people may find themselves overwhelmed by how much information is available at once when they first log in.

wp engine panel




Wp Engine Pros and Cons



On the pro side, their performance is top-notch. 

I think it’s one of the best that you’ll find amongst any other WordPress host out there. 


Their security is also excellent. 

I have had zero security issues, nothing got hacked, and I’ve had great peace of mind with five different sites over three years. 

So security is another plus. 

They offer free SSL through “Let’s encrypt” for all your sites, and it’s straightforward to set up. 


Free Cdn on most plans; it is fantastic.

Every plan, except for the most basic one, comes with that. 

So that will improve your performance even further. 

Staging sites

They offer staging sites on all plans. 

So for every single live site that you have with them, you also get a staging site where you can test out your changes, 


They perform automatic backups daily and keep the last 30 days’ worth of backups.

They also allow you to do on-demand backups whenever you need one.


You’re going to have some people that rave about their support, and they are right.

Best support ever from my experience



WP engine is a bit more expensive than many other hosts, especially if starting with a minimal site.

But WP Engine charges based on visits, and you could go way over your visits if you get a lot of traffic at one time.

best web hosting

WP Engine Review-Futures Breakdown

Transferable Sites

We will explain transferable installs in this WP Engine review.

A few unique features you won’t find on other managed WordPress hosting platforms are transferable installs.

That means you can create a free site and then pass it over to your client when it’s ready to go live, and your client handles all of the payment information.

You can create a website using transferable sites and environments without adding it to the total number of sites allowed by your hosting plan.

In addition, transferable sites and environments come with a simple way to unlock them or move them to another WP Engine account once completed.

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What transferable means

Creating almost limitless transferrable sites and environments is a free feature for all WP Engine accounts. 

However, WP Engine sites and environments cannot be changed into a transferable state; they can only be created as transferable.

Since basic authentication prevents traffic from entering each transferable environment, transferable sites do not count toward the total number of sites allowed by your hosting plan. 

However, remember that other plan restrictions, such as local disk storage, will still count toward your overall plan utilization.

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Transferable Specifications

Several factors set transferable sites apart from conventional, or billable, sites include:

1)   Transferable environments can be automated and transferred to any other WP Engine account with enough capacity on their plan.

2)   Transferable sites have environments that are automatically password-protected to stop traffic. 

3)   The password can be changed but cannot be changed until the transfer or unlock is finished.

4)  The number of sites allowed by your hosting package does not apply to transferable sites.

5)  Password-protected sites are automatically excluded from server caching.

6)  SSL and CDN are not available for transferable sites.

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How To create a Transferable Site?

  1. Log in to the User Portal and click add site.
  2. You will see a box with the radio button; check “this site is transferable.”
  3. Select a creation option

creation option


  1. Click next
  2. Fill in a Site name.
  3. Enter an environment name
  4. Select an Environment type
    • Production: Intended for active deployment on a specific domain following transfer or unlock
    • Staging — Intended for use while testing upgrades or troubleshooting problems.
    • Development — Intended for building and development

Sites and environments

A “site” at WP Engine is a collection of the development, staging, and production environments.
With the help of these environments, you may safely and individually troubleshoot problems or modify your development methodology.

For instance, you can quickly copy to staging to troubleshoot and fix any issues with your production website.

Another choice is to create and test a new design in development, then copy those modifications to production when you’re ready.
You don’t have to be concerned about modifications to one environment influencing another because each of these habitats functions separately.

What are sites on WP Engine?

A site is a simple approach to unifying multiple environments under one name. As a result, setting up and deploying the appropriate environments for a website is streamlined.

The “Copy environment” tool makes copying environments inside a site simple.

A custom domain can only be made “live” by adding it to the production environment.
You can use staging and development environments for your development workflow but cannot connect a specific live domain to them.

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Two-factor authentication

Your administrator accounts are the entry point to your website’s backend settings.
You might need to enter an additional rotating code from an app on your phone to use two-factor authentication.

The administration part of your website would remain inaccessible to an attacker even if they were able to brute force your login and password and failed to correctly guess the code at the precise interval.

For the user portal, WP Engine provides two-factor authentication; alternatively, you can use one of the following plugins on your WordPress site:

Two-Factor Authentication with Rublon (2FA)

Wordfence (2FA)

Your WordPress site can get additional protection by utilizing two-factor authentication (2FA).
This function will significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized visitors accessing your website.

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WP engine is a very secure platform, and they do many other things to keep your site safe. Everyone on their platform must always have two plug-ins installed. 

The first requires all users to use a medium or strong password, so you can’t use something simple. That would make your site easy to potentially hack. 

Wp engine has also created a plug-in that stops really long comments. This is common for a lot of spam and bots to put a long comments on your site. 

So WP engine takes the precaution to go ahead and block super long comments. 

WP engine will automatically install all WordPress security updates within 24 hours of release. 

They also use a proprietary intrusion detection system that blocks millions of attacks daily. 

Wp Engine also uses different firewalls and network monitoring tools and even blocks some IP addresses known to be used by hackers. 

Disallowed plug-ins

In this WP Engine review, we will also talk about Disallowed plug-ins.

WP engine does have a list of disallowed plug-ins, many of which are disallowed because they are known to be insecure or contain vulnerabilities that could expose your site to an attack.

 They also periodically run 3rd Party security audits and code reviews.

Last but not least, in the rare event that your site does get hacked, the WP Engine will fix it free of charge. 

This is a list of disallowed plugins:

The built-in caching structure on WP Engine can clash with caching plugins. When used, the following plugins are known to directly conflict with one another and reduce your site’s loading speed:

The WP Super Cache
W3 Total Cache
WP File Cache 25% off

The following plugins are prohibited backup options:

WP DB Backup – Unnecessarily bloats the local storage for your website.

WP DB Manager — Local storage usage is the main worry as it only provides a local storage option.

BackupWordPress: Duplicates numerous files from our backups already on local storage.

VersionPress: Block access to server-level functionalities that this plugin needs to operate, which we do for security reasons.

WP Engine forbids these plugins because they either put a lot of strain on the server or generate excessive database queries. They will adversely affect server load and ultimately reduce the functionality of your website.

Server & MySQL Thrashing Plugins

Broken Link Checker – Absorbs a lot of HTTP requests, overloading the server.

MyReviewPlugin – Abundantly writes to the database, slamming it.

LinkMan — Similar to the MyReviewPlugin described above, LinkMan uses an excessive number of database writes.

Fuzzy SEO Booster—As a site grows, Fuzzy SEO Booster can cause problems with MySQL.

WP PostViews — When a page loads, this plugin inefficiently writes to the database.

Tweet Blender — Can increase server load and does not work well with caching.

MySQL, indexing, and search problems affect almost all “Related Posts” plugins. The plugins are very database-intensive as a result of these issues.

Dynamic Related Posts
SEO Auto Links & Related Posts
Similar Posts
Contextual Related Posts

best web hosting

The following plugins replicate what WP Engine already does for you in a more effective, scalable, and customizable way, just like the caching and backup plugins did.

No Revisions – By default, revisions are turned off for all customers. 

Force Strong Passwords — This plugin has already been installed and activated for you.

Bad Behavior — This plugin prevents WP Engine from allowing some hosts to connect.

There are more disallowed plugins but these above are the most important ones that we will mention in this WP Engine review.

WP engine’s backups

The User Portal’s “Backup Points” tab is where you can access full backup features.

wp engine backup points

Although nightly backups are performed automatically, you should generally create a new backup checkpoint before making any changes to your website.

create backup

You can see the 40 most recent checkpoints on this page.

wp engine backup

WP Engine keeps checkpoints for up to 60 days. Contact Support if you require a checkpoint that is not showing.

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Restore a Backup

To restore (or rollback) your website to a previous version use this button:


restore backup

The duration of the automatic restore procedure ranges from a few minutes to many hours. This process mainly depends on the size and quantity of the files on your website.
After the restore, Wp Engine will send an email to the addresses provided.

Since the restore process is destructive, the process will replace all data on the target environment to match that of the chosen backup point.
As a result, any files on the destination that aren’t also present in that backup point will be deleted when the destination is restored.

Uptime and reliability

Continuous site monitoring, which can be an excellent way to keep an eye on real-time site performance and set up warnings for potential issues before they become more serious, is one of the best ways to prevent downtime.

The ability to link to site-specific access logs when an outage occurs gives Site Monitoring users crucial information about outages, uptime, and average response times across their portfolio of websites.

With increased SLA, WP Engine’s uptime guarantee rises to 99.99 percent from 99.95 percent.
That is less than an hour of downtime annually.
This host has a page performance tool that performs tests and, if performance declines, offers recommendations for site enhancements.
The GeoTarget add-on improves your website according to the visitor’s location.

Customer Assistance: 

WP Engine offers customer support around the clock, and you can get in touch with them by turning on the chat support system in the user panel. 

It first links you to a support bot that offers you potential solutions. If those don’t work, you can speak with a professional who will assist you in resolving the problem. 

While you wait, you can use the ticket monitoring system while agents typically respond soon. 

The higher tiers additionally offer 24/7 phone help. In addition, all plans include 24/7 live chat assistance.


For the best website performance and speed, use WP Engine.

It maintains your website updated and handled for a fair fee and provides more security features than many web hosting services.
Additionally, it is unbeatable to launch several WordPress sites on the same subscription.

WP Engine is a web hosting company that focuses on WordPress sites.
– They offer a wide range of features, including caching, security, and backup services.
– WP Engine has been featured in several prominent publications, such as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.
-WP Engine is an excellent choice for businesses that want to focus on their content and not worry about the technical aspects of website maintenance.

If you are looking for a reliable and secure web host who specializes in WordPress sites, WP Engine is a great option. They have a long list of satisfied customers and offer excellent customer service.

Bonus: You now receive all 36+ StudioPress premium themes and the Genesis framework without cost with all WP Engine accounts

Did you like this WP Engine review? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!


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