The simplest definition of the term web hosting is that it represents accommodation for a certain website on the global network.

Web hosting is a service provided by specialized companies, which allows your presentation to be visible on the Internet.

To remind you, publishing a website requires 2 conditions: one is to register a domain, and the other is to rent a web hosting service from a provider.

If we can use an analogy where the domain represents your residential address, then web hosting represents the lease of the apartment or house where you are located.

In other words, the price of web hosting is the rent you pay to the resource owner who publicly serves your website.

Each hosting company has its own or leased servers (machines) that ensure that the websites are continuously displayed to visitors.

They actually run sites on the Internet – this is called hosting. A large number of sites can be accommodated on one web server.

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In addition to what hosting is, it is important to the potential user how much it costs in practice.

Depending on the quality of that service, the price can vary from a few $ to a few hundred $ a month.

There are even service models that are free.

However, in that case, count on sacrificing the professionalism of your presentation.

Such a hosting solution will include an assigned generic domain name, a slow response when showing the content of the site, and part of the space on the browser screen will be filled with other people’s ads.

This does not inspire confidence in people who come to such a site. Therefore, anyone who has a serious company needs to set aside a certain amount of money for hosting services.

Depending on the type of hosting they provide, hosting companies can be roughly divided into small and large. Small hosting providers are focused on the local market and large number of users per server unit.

Large providers, on the other hand, are focused on large users, hardware virtualization, scalability and geo redundancy of service servers are located in multiple locations around the planet.

One of the largest and most affordable web hosting provider is BlueHost. Web Hosting $3.95

There are several types of web hosting:

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is the most used type of web hosting. Shared web hosting is a service where multiple users share one server.
It is the cheapest and easiest option to use, but it is also less flexible than other web hosting options.

Some of the cons of shared hosting are:
Loading time can be much slower than dedicated servers, the server often becomes overloaded with other sites that share the server, you never know who your neighbors are, although it rarely happens, it is possible that the other page can infect your page with some viruses.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is the newest form of hosting that has become extremely popular in recent years.

Cloud servers provide significant advantages over traditional shared and dedicated server options.

Cloud hosting combines shared and dedicated hosting, but it also has some pretty good advantages.

Cloud servers continue to share physical server hardware with other cloud servers with separate partitions.

Each cloud server has its dedicated resources and can be configured almost as a fully dedicated server.

VPS users share the physical hardware of the server with other VPS users.

Still, unique virtualization of partition, each partition has its resources and can be configured as an entire dedicated server.

When the demand on the server increases, the capacity can increase automatically.

The significant advantage is that cloud servers are much more reliable than other servers.

Dedicated server

In a dedicated server, you get your server and your resources intended only for your use.

Some of the benefits are:

Customizationdedicated hosting gives some freedom and control that other hosting solutions are not able to provide.

The fact that a server is dedicated to a single client and has no cohabitant means that the server settings match each client’s needs.

Uptime – In a world where customers are not used to waiting, it is crucial to ensure that the website works at all times.

Downtime on a website can cause customers to go to the competition.

Dedicated hosting provides high performance and stability to ensure that websites and other business functions work almost 100% of the time (usually more than 99.4%).

Server load- is a much smaller problem with dedicated servers, especially compared to shared servers.

With shared services, there are often congestion risks due to traffic levels and the use of other websites or applications hosted on the same server, which use the same disk space and processor.

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