Web Hosting Ultimate guide

The basic definition of “what is web hosting”

Web hosting provides space on a worldwide network for a website.

It is a service offered by specialized businesses that enable you to make your presentation accessible online.

To publish a website, two prerequisites must be met: 

  1. The domain name must be registered
  2. Provider’s web hosting services must be rented.

domain name and povider

If we’re allowed to use an analogy, web hosting is the lease on the house or apartment where you live, and the domain is your residential address.


In other words, the cost of hosting is the rent you pay to the resource owner who makes your website available to the public.

What are the types of  Web hosting?

It would be best first to comprehend the distinctions between the various hosting plans. 

There are primarily six main categories of plans from which to select. 

They are :

  1. Shared hosting
  2. VPS hosting
  3. Dedicated hosting
  4. Managed hosting
  5. Cloud hosting
  6. Colocation

types of web hosting

Think about your traffic flow

When it comes to buying web hosting, the majority of website owners disregard two crucial aspects. 

  • Bandwidth 

What is bandwidth in web hosting?

The quantity of data your website can send users at a specific time is known as bandwidth in website hosting. 

Although most web hosting businesses calculate and price bandwidth in gigabytes (GB), others may offer “unlimited bandwidth.”

  • Disk space

What is disk space in web hosting?

The amount of storage space a web host allows for a website and all its related files on a server is disk space. 

Essentially, it’s the same as hard drive disk space on your computer.

Typically, web providers mention the amount of disk space they provide on their websites and information about their plans and costs.

wp engine bandwidght

Website or blog owners believe there won’t be much traffic to their website, and they overlook that when your company grows, traffic to the new website will increase. 

We advise that you choose a package that can accommodate your traffic requirements.

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unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited in Web Hosting

You may have seen the word “unlimited” when choosing a name and hosting plan for a website. 

You won’t genuinely receive infinite bandwidth space; it’s a truth. 

The bandwidth is constrained by your hardware’s power, which is a problem. 

You won’t be able to transfer more data than 10 MB per second, for instance, if your server only has a 10 MB per second port.

What justifies web hosting’ claims of “unlimited bandwidth”?

They do this because they are aware that a shared server’s websites will never, under normal circumstances, consume all of its bandwidth.

wp engine

What Is the Value of Web Hosting Bandwidth?

After discussing hosting bandwidth, let’s talk about why it’s so crucial.

The bandwidth you use will affect how quickly pages load and how much it will cost to host your website.

According to Neil Patel, 40% of internet users abandon a webpage after just three seconds of loading time. 

And for eCommerce customers, 47% expect load times of less than two seconds.

internet users (2)

So, essentially, no one has the time to wait around staring at a loading screen.

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Backup Is Crucial

You can lose important data if the web hosting server crashes. 


As a result, we advise that you select a hosting provider that enables daily data backups.

This is an example from WP Engine.

wp engine backup

To be safe, you might also think about off-site backups.

Secure your website properly.

No one can deny the significance of website security in the modern world.

But unfortunately, if you don’t care about the security of your website, hackers will have easy access to it. 

web site security

As a result, you might want to select a hosting provider that offers high security.

Secure web hosting ranked

1st web hosting

WP Engine – overall the best secure web hosting provider

With proactive threat detection, they thwart 26B threats annually.

Plugin, core, and PHP upgrades are executed automatically. 

The WP Engine security team also examines the risk and compliance environment to ensure that your site is never compromised. 

For the highest level of security, they have enterprise-grade add-on Global Edge Security.

Global Edge Security provides a managed Web Application Firewall (WAF), sophisticated DDOS Mitigation, Cloudflare CDN, and SSL Installation.

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2nd web hosting

Blue host

Customers of Bluehost are given a free SSL certification service.
An SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol tell users that your site is reliable and secure.

Most sensitive information is safe with you.

In an era where hackers are developing ever-more-sophisticated hacking techniques for stealing or harming user data Bluehost is very secure.

You may also download security plugins that will assist in protecting your website from hackers.

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No cost SSL certificate.

Protected Nameservers by Cloudflare: 

The Cloudflare DNS firewall aids in protecting your server from DDoS assaults.

To access your hosting services, you must use two-factor authentication.

Automated weekly and daily (only available with the Business package) website backups.

Automatically detects and eliminates email spam using SpamAssassin.

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They safeguard your websites by integrating top-notch security features.

They have leading technologies from the market, such as Cloudflare Enterprise & Bot Protection.

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Of course, every web hosting has security, and that varies from host to host.

We listed hosting companies that we use so we talking from personal experience.

The next time you need to switch web hosts for your website or blog or to choose new wen hosting provider, we advise that you abide by the tips above. 

It will be much simpler to avoid making a poor decision if you keep these suggestions in mind. 

After all, you don’t want to squander your money on something that won’t benefit you.

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What should every web hosting company offer? 

word press support


Most hosting companies demand that customers have their own domain name for their email accounts. 

You can create domain email accounts with a domain name (like yourname@yourwebsite.com) and email account options offered by your hosting provider.

FTP-FTPS access:

You can upload files from your local computer to your web server using FTP. 

If you create your own HTML files for your website, you can use FTP to upload the files from your computer to the web server.

A user can transfer files from a local computer to a distant computer using the free (open source) FTP tool called FileZilla.

There are client and server versions of FileZilla available.

You can download both versions here.

filezilla client                 file zilla server

WordPress Support

WordPress is a tool for building websites online.
A powerful blogging and content management system is a straightforward way to construct and administer websites.

wordpress growth

WordPress will be used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet in 2022, according to statistics from W3Techs.
From 39.5 percent in 2021, this represents an increase.
That indicates that WordPress is used by two out of every five websites.

Most hosting companies will immediately state whether or not their plans are WordPress-compatible.
PHP version 7 or above and MySQL version 5.6 or higher are the minimal prerequisites for hosting your WordPress websites.

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What is web site builder?

A website builder can be a lifesaver for someone without access to sophisticated HTML tools or skills. 

A relative internet novice can quickly develop a professional website using website builders. 

The ability to edit your website without the assistance of a web professional is one of the benefits of a decent website builder. 

Is every web hosting website builder?

Bluehost.com Web Hosting $3.95

Yes, web hosting hosts both websites and website builders.

For example, suppose you own a retail business, and your inventory fluctuates frequently.

In that case, you might want to update your online inventory to reflect what’s new in your physical store. 

This is simple to accomplish with a website builder. 

Without a website builder or effective content management system, changing things typically necessitates paying for your web designer to visit the site and make the required adjustments. 

By the end of the year, this might build up to a sizable expense.

An online tool for building websites called Bluehost Builder features a simple drag-and-drop user interface along with thousands of themes, graphics, and design tools.

bluehost website builder

A Breakdown of The Types of Web Hosting

What is shared web hosting?

Shared hosting is a form of website hosting that enables several websites to share a single physical web server and its resources with all the websites it hosts.

As an illustration, we will take a look at Hostinger and Bluehost


Looking at their hosting options, they refer to shared hosting simply as web hosting, which is still shared hosting.

On the other hand, for example, Bluehost will list shared hosting for what it is.

blue host shared hosting

Because the cost of server maintenance is divided among many clients, this is one of the most widely used and economical solutions for web hosting.

To make shared hosting more understandable, here is an illustration.

server and websites

Let’s imagine that your website is a blue laptop or website sandwiched between these other websites.

You may see that one server and two other websites connect to you.
You all share the same server resources, such as bandwidth and storage space, and connect to the same network using the same IP address.

Simply said, an I. P. Address is a unique numeric address that uniquely identifies your website on the internet.
Even though this explanation is pretty basic, I want to make sure that everyone comprehends it, especially those who are new.

What are the advantages of shared hosting?

advantages of shared hosting (1)

  • Since the CPU, storage space, and other resources are shared, shared hosting is the cheapest type of web hosting.
  • Costs for web hosting and server maintenance are reduced, and you benefit from the savings.
  • Shared hosting is easy to use, set up, and understand.
  • A free drag-and-drop website builder and one-click WordPress installation are included with many hosting plans.
  • Shared hosting provides simple administration.
  • The industry-standard control panel, the C panel, is included with most shared hosting services.
  • Managing your hosting account is really simple and as a result, shared hosting requires little upkeep as well. 
  • Your hosting company typically takes care of security and administrative duties.
  • Shared hosting relieves you of the burden of managing servers, installing server software, keeping up with security upgrades, and other hosting-related tasks.
  • Several shared hosting options enable you to host numerous domains or websites in a single hosting account.
  • If your website’s demands vary, you can scale up or down depending on your shared hosting package.


Top two best shared hosting services

1. Bluehost

bluehost best hosting 2022

Even among more experienced users, Bluehost is a trusted company and a well-liked option for hosting. 

It is one of the businesses WordPress.org officially recommends and provides reasonable speed and uptime (although you can host any site on its servers).

The following are included with Bluehost’s Basic shared hosting plan, which costs about $2.75 per month for a single website.

  • Limitless bandwidth
  • 50 GB of space
  • Free domain registration for a year
  • 25 maximum subdomains

For $5.45 a month, more expensive plans like Choice Plus offer unlimited websites, storage, and domains.

Additionally, you’ll get spam filtering, site backups, and unmetered bandwidth.

The scalability of Bluehost’s services is another benefit. Starting with the Basic plan is always an option, and upgrading is simple when necessary.

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2. Hostinger

hostinger web hosting

The service with the most reasonable prices is Hostinger. 

Even if we only had minor performance concerns, this platform is still a solid option for websites with low traffic.

The Single Shared Hosting plan, which starts at $1.99 per month, includes the following:

  • A single email address at your domain
  • The bandwidth of 100 GB
  • 2 subdomains and a free SSL certificate
  • The Litespeed Cache plugin for WordPress

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What is VPS Web hosting?

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a hosting service that offers you dedicated (private) resources on a server alongside other customers through virtualization technology.

Compared to shared hosting, where you don’t have dedicated server space, VPS is a safer and more reliable option.

Try Premium VPS Hosting From Bluehost

Website owners with medium-level traffic that surpasses the allowances of shared hosting plans but who don’t require the resources of a dedicated server go for VPS hosting.

Most virtual private server solutions provide multiple hosting options.

For instance, at Hostinger, eight VPS options accommodate various business requirements and enable you to grow your site when you require additional resources quickly.

hostinger Vps web hosting

To make shared hosting more understandable, here is an illustration.

vps web hosting

With VPS hosting, you get a virtual server that mimics a physical server. Still, the computer is actually shared by numerous users.

Using virtualization technologies, your hosting company adds a virtual layer to the server’s operating system (OS).
This layer separates the server and enables independent OS and software installations for every user.

Because you have total control, a virtual private server (VPS) is both virtual and private.
On an OS level, it is isolated from other server users.

Hostinger web hosting

You will require a host that can accommodate your website as it expands in size and traffic volumes rise.
Depending on your site’s traffic, you’ll want it to load pages quickly.

Decide on a hosting package that will work for your website now and in the future.

You could find what you’re looking for in a VPS plan.
With VPS hosting, you’ll have access to more significant server resources, allowing you to support rising visitor volumes while keeping your website responsive.

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What are the advantages of VPS hosting?

advantages of shared hosting

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting can bring many benefits over shared hosting. 
  • One of the most highly coveted elements is VPS’s ability to improve website page speed.
  • The quantity of server space you have will astound you if you switch from a shared hosting plan. 
  • The high amounts of bandwidth can support substantial traffic volumes without any problems.
  • You are the only website accessing the server’s resources when using a VPS. 
  • Most VPS hosting plans give you greater server customization and management levels. Therefore, a VPS can be the best option if you need a particular operating system or server configuration that you cant host on a shared hosting package.
  • No matter what portion of the server’s resources you use, dedicated hosting requires you to pay for the whole server. However, with VPS hosting, you have more control over the server’s resources, so you’ll only have to pay for what you’re utilizing.

Top two best VPS hosting services


Bluehost offers three VPS plans with unlimited email accounts and subdomains, SSL certification, cPanel administrative panels, and a name for a year.
Plans start at $19.99 monthly and include extra add-ons like domain privacy protection and 24/7 live chat assistance.

blue host VPS

Blue host VPS web hosting has it all:

  • Cost and money-back assurance: 

Before selecting any hosting provider, the cost is what most of us are thinking about. 

As a result, you ought to avoid using a hosting service that costs too much. 

Since practically every hosting business offers a money-back guarantee, you should look at it. 

A hosting company that offers a money-back guarantee at any moment is a superior choice.

  • Control panel: 

The control panel is the only place where you can quickly add and manage domain names and emails and view website statistics. 

  • Security level: 

Most hosting providers offer additional security features, such as safeguarding your websites against hacker and virus attacks.

  • Customer service: 

Blue host VPS web hosting has technical assistance. 

In addition, they have access to all forms of communication, including email, chat, and phone.



Hostinger’s VPS solutions provide reasonable costs when your website needs to expand.

They are no-frills, highly secure service, a highly redundant server network, and exceptional scalability.
It is a clear leader because more robust plans provide more bandwidth and other tools.

As mentioned earlier in this post, hostinger has eight VPS plans

hostinger VPS web hosting plans

Hostinger VPS web Hosting Infrastructure

Processing power and SSD

Each virtual private server has 512 GB RAM, terabytes of NVMe SSD storage, and the most recent Intel Xeon processors. 

This gives any medium- or large-scale online project sufficient computing power.

Network at 100 Mbps

Benefit from blazingly quick website loading times and a 99.9% uptime server guarantee. 

Your visitors won’t be concerned about unplanned downtime and will have a pleasant user experience.

Support NFS

Forget about geographic restrictions and use the Network File System to access all data. 

Mount a second remote NFS to increase the amount of server space you have available.

Specific IPv6

Use the most recent IP technology to maintain secure and effective communications. 

You won’t experience latency, networking, or blacklisting difficulties with native /64 IPv6 block infrastructure.

What is dedicated web hosting?

Dedicated web hosting is a sort of hosting where you have your own server.
This indicates that you have sole control over your server and that it is not shared with anybody else.

Dedicated hosting illustration

dedicated hosting

This can be a wise choice if you have a lot of traffic or require specialized capabilities like woocommerce.
But it might also cost more than shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting solutions come in a variety of packages from web hosts.
The cost of these plans depends on the hardware selection and resource allocation the customer makes.

Large enterprises or websites with much more traffic should use dedicated hosting solutions.
The server is entirely in the hands of the clients, who may customize it to suit their needs.

Try BlueHost Dedicated hosting Tuned for Ultimate Performance

Both managed and unmanaged versions of the dedicated plans are available.
In the event of any issues, the hosting company can administer the server on behalf of the client.
Dedicated managed servers cost higher on average.

Additional expenses for dedicated servers include the software packages needed to run the server.

Such software can include licensing for windows, desired Cpanel, and other paid software.

Free alternatives to most paid software packages are available. Still, they are not generally preferred due to issues with the stability of the software.

What are the advantages of dedicated hosting?

5 advantages of dedicated web hosting

1. Server resources are not shared

You receive all of a single server’s resources when you select a dedicated hosting company.
It’s not a concern that other websites will jam the server’s CPU and RAM.
You can be sure your server won’t be slowed down by faulty scripts running on another website or sudden increases in bandwidth demand if you have a dedicated server.

2. Enhanced performance and security

Selecting a dedicated hosting service ensures that your website is always available.
Shared hosting is frequently the best option for websites with light to moderate traffic.

However, dedicated servers offer more stability and dependability than shared hosting if your website experiences high traffic.

Additionally, choose a dedicated server.
You can be confident that no bad websites or possible spammers are using the same resources as you.
Increased security is possible with dedicated hosting, which is crucial for businesses processing sensitive FTP or SSL transactions.

3. Flexibility

With a dedicated server, a client has the freedom to tailor the server to their particular requirements for CPU, RAM, disk space, and software.

Customers that use shared hosting are restricted to the operating system, software, and applications already installed on the server.

They may provide software clients don’t require or fall short in some areas.

Web hosting can create a server environment tailored to your needs with a dedicated server.

They have more control over the configuration of their dedicated server because they may select the platform and applications they require.

4. Unique IP address

Each server has a specific IP address of its own.
That indicates that you are using a shared IP address with several other websites while using shared hosting.

You get your own unique IP address and a dedicated server when you use dedicated hosting.
This is particularly crucial if you run a big e-commerce site that needs SSL to handle credit cards.

5. No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment

Dedicated hosting is an inexpensive way for a business to access the resources of a whole server.

A dedicated hosting provider lowers the overhead for a company buying server space and boosts their return on investment by taking care of the expense of creating and maintaining server hardware.

However, websites with heavy traffic or those with stringent customization and security requirements can discover that a dedicated hosting company is their best choice.

Top two best dedicated hosting services


bluehost dedicated hosting

Bluehost is a company that provides web hosting services.
It has a fast setup process and is simple enough for beginners.

Your subscription includes free domain registration for one year.
Bluehost also includes cPanel, software that lets you control and manage your websites.
A three-year entry-level contract costs $79.99/month and gets you a four-core CPU running at 2.3 GHz, 2x 500 GB of storage, and 4 GB of RAM.

Dedicated hosting Tuned for Ultimate Performance

Liquid Web

It starts at $169/month for one-year


Linux-based server, 4 cores CPU, 16 GB RAM, 2x 240 SSD, 5 TB Bandwidth

Servers: Linux, Windows
Data Centers: US
Money-back guarantee: No
Training: Managed support, knowledge base, online documentation

What is managed web hosting?

When you use managed WordPress hosting, your website is hosted on a specifically optimized server for WordPress websites.

You will have access to a team of experts who can help you with everything from choosing the right plugins to everything else you need to succeed.

What are the advantages of managed hosting?

managed wordpress hosting

Top managed hosting service

I recommend only one company, WP Engine, regarding managed word press hosting.

Check my WP Engine review and WP Engine ultimate guide to find out more.

What is Cloud web hosting?

Cloud hosting makes it possible for people to use applications and websites that are hosted on the cloud.
This is distinct from traditional hosting, which hosts an application or website on a single server.

With cloud hosting, a virtual and physical server network is used, making the application or website more flexible and scalable.

What is colocation web hosting?

Colocation hosting is a type of data center facility that is very secure. You can buy space in it to host your company’s servers.

This way, you’ll have guaranteed uptime and improved security.

Cloud web hosting and collocation hosting can’t be explained in a few sentences.

You can learn about Cloud hosting here or Colocation hosting here.








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