This post will explain genesis pro and studio press because some things got confusing when studio press merged with the wp engine.
I was confused as to what genesis pro is.
So I thought I’d explain everything about genesis pro.

What are Genesis Pro and Studio Press?

With the new package, you can now have a variety of themes in one easy-to-use bundle.

There are over 30 pre-designed layouts and styles for your blog or website, including Genesis Pro Themes.

Studio press offers more than just design options; it allows users to easily create their own site on Studio Press’ platform!

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Genesis Pro is the best way to create your website design.
Made by creative people, this program has it all!

The three things I want you to know about Genesis are:

1) It’s got an incredible drag-and-drop interface that allows for quick edits

2 ) You can use their pre-built templates or build one from scratch using their interactive tutorial

3). There are tons of add-on plugins

Sign up for a WP Engine plan and receive the Genesis Framework and select StudioPress Themes free!

What is Genesis page builder?

The Genesis page builder plugin is, as far I can tell, an essential replacement for the StudioPress All Themes Pack.

You could purchase one-off and get all these child themes in a package deal with the genesis framework!

The company has recently changed its business model to a subscription-based.

This works well with WP Engine‘s acquisition of them, and they also offer subscriptions on top hosting services!


WordPress is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to build their own website, but many people struggle with making the right choice.
With so many high-quality themes and plugins available these days, all craving your attention, it can be hard even to know where to start!
The first step should always involve researching what kind of site you want before grabbing any software.

What is studio press?

StudioPress is a well-known and established theme provider.
They support over 500 thousand WordPress websites with their themes, with 60 templates to choose from!

For many webmasters out there who use this platform in search of new designs on the market – they are one among few reliable options available.
Furthermore, since StudioPress was acquired by WP Engine, there’s now a free way to access all of its great themes.

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StudioPress is known for its cutting-edge themes and plugins that give you total control of your site.

The most popular is the Genesis Framework, which gives designers an easy way to create beautiful layouts without having any technical knowledge or experience with WordPress itself!

studio press and genesis pro

The Genesis Framework is a WordPress theme with an emphasis on design.
Many child themes offer different styles and use for this solid foundation, giving it great versatility.
WordPress is your car’s engine, Genesis is the structure and body, and StudioPress child themes are the paint job, according to the StudioPress team.

genesis benefits

For those who want to take their themes in a different direction or have more control over how they look and function, there’s always the option of building a custom child theme.

The StudioPress framework makes it easy with its pre-built options, but anyone can create one if that suits you better!

StudioPress has created child themes for various popular frameworks, including WordPress.
The process is straightforward- install the desired theme from their website or repository before installing your chosen add-ons with one click using Install Now buttons.

genesis and studio press
Once installed, select activate through the “activating themes option.”
Choosing the Genesis Framework and one of its child themes doesn’t mean the look of your website is restricted.

StudioPress Themes Features and Benefits

Before we get to our top picks, let’s consider why you should consider using one of StudioPress’s themes.

Understanding some of the advantages of selecting a Genesis Framework theme might assist you in making an informed decision.

StudioPress themes are built with speed, security, and simplicity in mind. Fast website loading times keep your customers happy.

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At the same time, an extra emphasis on onsite protection makes them more confident about their purchases.

A fully responsive HTML5 design for mobile users means there won’t be any problems, even when browsing on smaller screens or tablets.

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All content will still look great thanks to clean code, which appeals to developers and search engines so everyone can benefit.

There’s no doubt that StudioPress themes are built for specific types of websites.

However, with a handful of plugins, you will have everything your project needs and still outrank those boring multipurpose themes with every imaginable feature!

To give your site a new look, all you need is just switch over to another child theme. This will not affect the functionality of any part of the website and can be done quickly too!

Take this gift from us!!!

Download Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners for free

When you change child themes, there’s no need to worry about negatively affecting usability ratings or SEO rankings because the core site structure provided by Genesis Framework remains unchanged.

The only thing that changes is how your website looks on top of these foundation templates!

WP Engine and StudioPress

StudioPress, the theme company behind some of today’s most popular WordPress templates, has been acquired by WP Engine.
This acquisition means that WP Engine customers can now enjoy using any 35+ themes StudioPress created for free through their hosting packages with them!
Suppose you’re a freelance web designer or run an agency that designs websites.

In that case, the WP Engine Agency Partner Program is worth checking out. With this partnership, you will have free access to all of StudioPress themes and Genesis Framework—enough for use on client sites!

WP Engine Milestone Announcement

You can also get listed in their customer database, which will give your business more exposure among other companies like yours.

The StudioPress acquisition has not stopped them from continuing to produce new themes. In fact, since the deal went through, several impressive upcoming releases have come out, which show that they’re still very much alive and kicking.

Top StudioPress WordPress Themes

Revolution pro WordPress Theme

With a simple, minimal design, the Genesis revolution Pro theme provides all of your content with plenty of breathing room. It allows you to showcase photography or text.
The white space on this particular website makes it easy for readers’ eyes to wander around without being overwhelmed by any one element in particular.

revolution pro wordpress

The Revolution Pro theme offers automatic setup and import of the sample demo content and recommended plugins. Here is a setting demo for the Revolution Pro WordPress theme. You can see how easy it is to customize experiences and get your voice out to the world even faster.

One of the unique features of the Revolution Pro theme is a one-click theme setup, where you can define demo content plugins and perfectly designed Guttenberg blocks on the home page.

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Though the in-built theme customizer offers a selection of settings for you to tweak, there’s even more that can be done with ease through our drag-and-drop interface.
For example, just one click on the logo or image uploader button will allow users quick access to all they need, no coding required.

revolution pro features

The theme is fully optimized for mobile devices and can be used with any browser. In addition, with Gutenberg, developers have access to tools that allow them to create reusable modules, making the design more straightforward.

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Altitude pro WordPress theme

Altitude Pro features and flexibility will capture your eye, but what you can do with the theme really moves the mind.
For those looking to build their first website or blog from scratch, this theme has everything necessary in one place – including an options panel for customizing content layouts on any device!
Why would anyone choose anything else with all these tools at their fingertips?

altitude pro wordpress theme

altitude pro with genesis
With only a few mouse clicks, you can be up and running in minutes and begin customizing your new site.
The theme customizer lets you adjust the theme’s settings, colors, background pictures, and content while seeing a real-time preview of your changes.
With the click of a mouse, you can upload your own logo. In addition, there is complete support for text-based logos for those just starting.

altitiude pro benefits
This is a flexible, Open Source eCommerce theme that comes pre-styled for WooCommerce, making it simple to get your online store up and running.
Build your site with seven homepage widget spaces that you may personalize to match your brand.
This theme is mobile responsive, which means it will work flawlessly on any browser, device, or screen size.

Get Altitude Pro WordPress Theme Now Here

Monochrome WordPress Pro Theme

Minimal yet powerful, Monochrome Pro is the perfect choice for those who want a website that makes an impact but doesn’t take up too much space.

With its sleek white design and advanced typography options—including an innovative single-color font option–this Genesis-powered theme will leave visitors engaged.

monochrome wordpress theme

monochrom wordpress theme get it

Monochrome Pro Features

  • Join the hundreds of designers and developers who rely on Genesis to construct their websites.
  • Pre-styled for WooCommerce to make it simple to set up your online store and start earning money.
  • Every browser, device, and screen size will be flawlessly suited for your website.
  • Fill the home page with demo material, plugins, and well-designed Gutenberg components.
  • Genesis is the cornerstone of any well-designed WordPress site. It has SEO capabilities as well as cutting-edge, impenetrable security.
  • Change the theme’s settings, colors, and content in real-time and see a preview of the changes.
  • For those just starting, upload your own branded logo image with the click of a button.
  • Your website will function in a variety of situations for a variety of users.

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Authority Pro WordPress Theme

StudioPress’ Authority Pro is a Gutenberg-ready and SEO-optimized WordPress child theme.
It is one of StudioPress’s best-selling and most attractive WordPress themes. The stunning design of the theme makes it suitable for all types of websites.

authority pro wordpress theme

authority pro with genesis

The Authority Pro theme has a clean, responsive design. In addition, it has a lovely home, category, tag, and post page.
The theme enables you to place an opt-in form on the home page. Below this form, you can place a featured widget.
This widget will make people aware of your popularity if you put the logos/names of sites on which you or your work was featured.

authority pro features authority pro with genesis

StudioPress authority Pro allows users to place a testimonial and recent post widget on the homepage.
Testimonials can help website owners get new leads or subscribers.

The current post widget helps in distributing link juice across the site. It also helps in reducing the blog’s bounce rate.
Authority Pro can be customized with the WordPress live customizer tool. The theme automatically adds new options to the default live customizer when installing and activating it.
The options you will find in the customizer interface are easy to use.

Get AuthorityPro WordPress Theme Now Here

If you’re in the market for a new WordPress theme, StudioPress is a great option.

Their themes are well-coded and optimized for speed and SEO, plus they come with built-in support for popular plugins like WooCommerce.

And if you’re looking for even more options, be sure to check out the Genesis Theme Framework — it’s one of our favorite WordPress frameworks around.

Have you tried using a StudioPress theme or framework on your website?

Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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