Best WordPress hosting 2022-WP Engine review

Have you been looking for a web hosting provider that will give your site the best chance of being found?
If so, then this comprehensive review is perfect!
In it, I’ll break down what makes WP Engine such an appealing choice and how to get started with them.
Of course, you deserve nothing less than excellence from the software embedded on every page on your website.
There’s no need to go without one when they have WP Engine available as another great option – just take advantage of these features.

managed wordpress hosting

When I was looking for a WordPress hosting provider, my research primarily focused on the performance and uptime of their service.
With that information in mind, here is what you can expect from WPEngine:
The Good – They have excellent page speed scores (78/100). This means that they load pages faster than 78% percent of all other hosts!

Plus, it’s super easy to use, too, so even if your site isn’t designed yet or needs some updates – no worries because this host will be ready when YOU are.

WP Engine hosting plans

WP engine offers four main plans with different features.

The startup plan allows you to have up to 25 000 visits per month.

Wp engine startup plan

The professional plan allows you to have up to 75 000 visits per month.

Wp engine profesional plan

The growth plan allows you to have up to 100 000 visits per month.

Wp engine growth plan

The scale plan allows you to have up to 400 000 visits per month.

wp engine scale plan

Both storage space and web launching options are provided for each type, so there’s no need to worry about running out any time soon!
The custom-made package can be tailored towards whatever specific needs one may want across multiple sites.
It’ll optimize them automatically if necessary based on specific criteria like traffic levels or bounce rate.

How to choose a WP Engine hosting plan?

The startup plan is probably enough if you’re a beginner starting out.

Maybe you are an agency or have been doing this for a while.
In that case, you may want the growth or the scale plan as it allows many more websites, and the second thing you have to consider is how much traffic you have right now.

Again, you’re starting out then, once again,

wp engine startup plan1

Suppose you’re transferring or migrating over from another host and already have lots of traffic.

In that case, you probably need to consider the growth or the scale plan.

growth and scale plan

They have 100 000 visits per month and 400 000 visits per month.

Wp engine also has two pricing options for you to choose from 

  1. Annually 

      2. Monthly

I always recommend purchasing the longer plan, which is annual, to save money along the way.
WP Engine is pretty great as they have a 60-day money-back guarantee which is a lot more than the standard 30-day that many hosting providers have.

They also provide most standard and must-have features like automated backups and auto migration.

wp engine migration
Be aware that this auto migration is not the hand-holding one-on-one migration done by their support staff.
Another great feature that the wp engine provides is a free content delivery network, which is an alternative to Cloudflare.

I should mention that the wp engine does not provide a domain name service, so you cannot purchase your domain name on the wp engine.

Where to get a domain name?

So what I recommend you do and always do myself, is to purchase your domain name from as they have one of the best prices.

bluehost domain name
You can see that you can purchase it at $12.99 per year, and you get the free domain name privacy, an essential feature to have.

WP Engine tutorial

For the overall pricing score, I would give wp engine a nine out of ten.

pricing wp engine

WP Engine provides you with most of the expected features of a managed WordPress hosting provider.
They have their own CDN and the automatic daily backup is provided for free.

cdn and daily backup

WP engine offers some free hosting options that can be a great deal for those who are just starting out. They also use their own servers and provide server-side caching which is supposed to make your site load faster than any plugin installed on WordPress!

Once when you log in, it is easy to navigate.

wp engine control panel

If you want to migrate your website to WP Engine just click the get started button and follow directions, it is easy like 1,2,3.

If there is a problem, their team will personally take care of your website transfer for you.

The design of their home page makes it easy to navigate with the custom user interface.

It looks a lot cleaner than other hosting providers’ cPanel platforms, and even though there are many features on this site that make navigation quick and simple (including an impressive customer support system), some people may find themselves overwhelmed by how much information is available at once when they first log in.

wp engine panel

Let’s see how easy it is to install WordPress with wp engine and to do this we will click on add site.