Hi, my name is Rade.

For the past 10 years, I have been trying to make some extra money online.
I registered a domain name businessno1 .com in 2009.
I worked hard to get it off ground level to enjoy all the benefits of making online money!

After six months of trying to get on the first page of google for “online business ideas” keywords, I finally started making money through affiliate links.

When Google Penguin and Panda algorithm happened, I was done.
My website is nowhere to be found!

I did everything wrong – it’s clear now that my knowledge of how the internet worked was minuscule at best.

I was so disappointed and deleted my website.
I tried to start from the beginning but never made it; I gave up on the website and tried to do something else.

I wasted my time on many different types of businesses.
I tried MLM, Dropshipping, and any online business you can think about, but none worked out well for me until now!

The “get rich quick” schemes I bought didn’t work and were a waste of money.
I even got banned from Google ads because my advertisements opposed their rules!

But life has highs and lows.
This is the perfect opportunity to reflect on what has been going well in my life lately!

I was 45 years old, and my dream was to make money online, not because I was lazy and wanted to sit and do nothing.
It’s because I love to do this.

I love WordPress, SEO, and building websites, but I didn’t know if it was too late for me with all these prominent bloggers and websites around.

In 2016 I decided to study; I was reading anything I could find about building websites.

With so many bloggers, it’s hard to know who is worth following.
It seems like everyone has their own opinion these days!

I was looking for longevity and credibility to help ensure my success in the years ahead.

This time, I was learning from some of the biggest names in internet marketing:
Google itself and industry experts like
wpbeginner.com (a popular blog),
Gary Vaynerchuk-vaynerx.com

People who have been in the industry long enough to understand how things work are a goldmine of information.

I didn’t realize what went on behind closed doors until they took me under their wing and showed me everything going wrong with my websites – both online and off!

In 2021 I decided to start from scratch and activated businessno1.com.
Businessno1.com is alive and doing well.
I am making a full-time income from my website.

It was only one year after I started again, and I was able to quit my job.

I consider myself an expert in the WordPress platform.
I have created dozens of websites using WordPress, and I have taught others how to use the platform as well.

There is no better tool for creating a stunning website on a budget.
Whether you are looking to create a personal blog or a full-fledged e-commerce site, WordPress is the perfect solution.
With my extensive platform knowledge, I can help people create a website that exceeds expectations.

I am also very good at SEO.
Why did I say very good but not expert?

The algorithms are constantly changing, and new techniques and strategies are always needed.
I don’t think anyone can ever indeed be an SEO expert.

There’s just too much to know, and it’s constantly changing.
Even the people considered experts in the field always have to learn and stay up-to-date on the latest changes.

It’s definitely not something that you can ever truly master.

After all these years of experience, I learned that one of the crucial things for online success is choosing the right web hosting.

For that reason, the main topic of this website is web hosting.
I will also write about everything you need to succeed in online business.
In all these years, I used a lot of web hostings companies, website builders, plugins, and SEO tools, some bad, some good.

I also decided not to write about my bad experiences.
So I will not write about how bad is particular hosting, tool, etc.
I will write only about the best.

How do I know they’re the best?

I know everything about them because I used them, and they helped me get where I am right now.

I know what works and what doesn’t, so you can trust that if I recommend something, it’s because it has been tried and tested by me.

All the techniques I have used will work for you, too; they helped me get where I am now, so there is no reason they won’t help you achieve your goals.
Trust in yourself and in the techniques that have brought me success – use them to change your life for the better.