Why You can’t make money online

There are so many opportunities online and if you want to start making money online yo can google it, and you can start tomorrow, but why everybody’s crying about how they didn’t make a penny online?

There are so many reasons why you will fail in online business and will give you just a few, but they are most important ones.

Reason #1: You don’t now where and how to start an online business.

If you think that making money online is so easy and you will start making money just by following somebody else blueprint you are wrong my friend, you have to learn how to do it first.

Just like any other job that you started so far in your life you need training, coaching, and support.
It is hard to find honest people online that will train you the proper way. Usually, they just want to sell you something, and  if you buy it that is the end of it.

If you don’t have trainer, coach, and support, this is how you will feel.


Reason #2: You trust everything you see.

If you are searching for make money online opportunities, you will find millions of websites that claim they will teach you how to do it.

If you trust everyone, you can spend $100.000 every day just by buying their “secrets.”

There is only one secret, You don’t purchase anything until you do research and when I said research, I mean excellent research.

The best method is to look for other users reviews, but here is a catch.
You have to understand a difference between a real and fake review and I will explain it to you.

This is very important.

A real review will give you information about product, and in the review, you can read only about that product and nothing else.

In the real review, you will not find any comparison to other product within the same industry and any recommendation to use a different product.

The fake review usually talks about few different products and how bad they are. The primary goal of the fake review is to sell product by talking bad about everybody else product.

If somebody product is excellent, then the product will sell itself.

If anyone has to badmouth about someone else just to sell the product than that person and his/her product are scam itself.


Reason #3: You Are not taking any action!

All these people that complain about how they can’t make any money online are people that don’t take action towards their goal.

They will just complain, but when you ask them what did they do so far, they will find 1000’s of excuses to tell you why they didn’t do anything.

You have to take action; you have to do something, do you go to your work and just wait that something happens.?

You go to work and start working; this is the same process, you have to take action, or you will mot make money online.

Follow this sign:


Reason #4: You are looking for word FREE

Stop looking for free info or free online course.

There is no such thing like FREE.

All these free stuff are just a teaser to sell you something else.

Start looking for a legal online course which you will have to pay.

They are usually on monthly subscription or lifetime membership.

My favorite is 4 percent group because it’s not expensive and you can get a huge amount of information about how to make money online.


Reason #5: You think you already know everything

The problem is that people buy and read one of those eBooks about how to make money online and they think they now everything.

90% of those books are trash; you can find all that info online for free if you just google it.

The truth is you don’t know anything until somebody guide you to right direction; you need a mentor or honest group of people that will help you.
Without help from real people, you will not succeed.

If you need help this is where you have to go

Reason #5:  You don’t have any patience

Patience is another big problem for people that are trying to make money online.

They will buy one product and try to implement direction from that product and they expect to make money immediately.

I that doesn’t work for them they will move to another one and do the same process.
You can’t make money online overnight; you have to be patient and follow directions to the dot.

The path that you will follow needs to be from real people or real, honest online community.
It is hard to find that because there are very few online courses that are lead by honest people.



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